When men and women are over weight it is usually associated with a dietary issues, and we have the yoyo dieters.  But should there be other under lying causes that trigger overweight?


Cortisol is a harmful released when the body is stresses.  It increases blood sugar levels and can be released when the body is going through a life threatening experience.


How can Cortisol be related to Weight Gain?

We notice that the elevation of cortisol can directly be related to weight gain and it can be measure by

  1. Elevated blood pressure
  2. Blood sugar imbalance
  3. Immune Response Decreased
  4. Abdominal fat increase


Types of stress vary and not all stress is bad stress!

So what do we mean by this?  We have a modern life so full of high-energy situations that the cortisol levels remain unnaturally high.

Physical, emotional or mental stress can be caused by intensive exercise; even a low calorie diet can cause the cortisol level to rise.


What are the negative side effects realized by high cortisol levels?

We see that a person starts to over eat due to stress elevation and overeating causes excess fat to be stores by the body. This fat causes many overweight problems like not being able to move the body freely; restricting the person’s movement of joints causes pain and stiffness.  Overweight could also account for people to feel humiliated from being unattractive and goes onto causing depression and anxiety.  Such side effects should be addressed quicker rather than later for recovery of mental problems.


How can we suppress this cortisol hormone that is causing havoc in some over weight people?

We can short circuit the stress reaction by allowing the person to take part in exercises that reduces stress such as Meditation, Yoga, reducing cortisol production will in the long term eliminate over eating and in turn weight gain.



Now that we have established the triggers what is the solution?

Having bowls of apples and nuts and other fresh fruit handy instead of chips and other high calorie, low nutritional value types of fast foods can also encourage weight loss in the work place and at home.


People who have lead a very healthy lifestyle and all of a sudden who have been placed in highly stressful job situations have found that they are gaining weight.


Work Related Stress and Solutions:


The advise to the Employers is then allow the staff member enough time during lunch breaks to take part in a daily routine for half hour of relaxation, this process should be encouraged, going to the gym, taking a quick swim, whether it is light yoga, meditation, massage at the desk or just going for a walk in the sunshine will all help productivity in the long term.



Workable Food Solutions:

Fast food is the quickest to get things on the move so we have suggested an excellent nutritional program for weight loss that we have found to be nutritionally valuable because of the quality natural ingredients, and also because of the high success rate by people who have been under the doctors guidance for weight loss.  Fast food can also come in the form of liquid food.  Quick and easy to digest and convenient to take with you where ever you go.



There are many weight loss products available but it is important that the nutritional value of the weight loss diets be scientifically formulated for the best intention of allowing for fat release while building lean muscle.  Remembering that the heart and brain are muscles as well. It is not encouraging to take on fad diets but look for something that will sustain a long time nutritional dependency.


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