Should a man take the same set of multivitamins as a woman? Well, the answer Is quite obvious. Men and women have different health demands and should only opt for the vitamins specifically designed for them as in Isagenix  Essentials for Men, Essentials for Women

Why Vitamins?

People consider multivitamins as an insurance policy as it makes up for deficiencies in our daily diet. Frankly speaking, every individual should consider taking multivitamin supplements irrespective of age or gender. If people consistently have the same balanced diet, there would have been no need for multivitamin supplements But people nowadays have more of the crappy foodstuffs, devoid of any nutritional value and need vitamin supplements to make up for the deficiency.

Now let us retrospect the needs of specific groups one by one.

Menopausal Women- They suffer from bone depletion with age right after menopause and hormonal changes and thus need to be supplemented with calcium and Vitamin D along with routine exercises. This keeps the bone strength and density optimum. Every menopausal women tend to suffer from iron deficiency (anemia), so their supplements should be rich in iron content.

Pregnant Women- Folic acid is the most vital pre-natal vitamin as it regulates birth defects.

Vegetarians- Such people may not have sufficient Vitamin A, Vitamin  B2, and Vitamin B12 and thus need to be supplemented from time to time.

Nutritionally deficient ones like alcoholics and others might benefit by taking a multivitamin supplement daily.

The ‘Catchline’

Vitamins are the safest and cost effective remedy for nutrient deficiency replenishment. For women, calcium, iron and Vitamin D are certainly the big shots. Vitamin supplements for men differ to those for women. Men and women of 50 years or more, have different nutritional demands. So, their supplements must be rich in iron and calcium to take care of the bone health and iron deficiencies.


Nutritional demands may vary a great deal from one individual to another. So, it is always better to consult a physician before taking the call.


Essentials for Men™ and Essentials for Women™ are specially formulated supplements that help to meet the everyday needs of men and women.

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