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Isagenix Ionix Supreme is a tonic for full body balance. If you are feeling tired and Stressed, not sleeping well, lack of energy, Isagenix body balance may help!


Best stress release tonic

Isagenix Ionix Supreme is Nature’s answer to stress.  Ionix formulation promotes body balance with energy and stamina. Now enjoy good health. Ionix Supreme liquid and powder are free of artificial stimulants, unlike some energy-boosting drinks on the market.

Adaptogens in Ionix helps to relieve stress, supercharge your inner body balance with Isagenix IONIC invigorate energy, stamina and rejuvenate health.

Ionix is a most amazing formulation with ionic minerals and adaptogens such as shiljat known in Ayurvedic medicine to be the conqueror of strength. Rebuild your muscle strength.

Natures answer to stress, with vitamins, minerals and extracts from around the world. 30 mL a day can transform your life with Ionix Supreme body balance.