Are you wondering how to eat healthy without feeling frustrated and miserable? You’re not alone! Having a balanced diet is a battle with yourself, which can be won in small steps and with a little help! Start with this mini guide from Isagenix Australia

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Set reasonable goals

To give up sweets at once is hard and most of us can’t do it, as much as we loved to. Therefore when we try we fail, creating frustrations.

A more rational approach is the following: limit sweets (don’t remove them all at once) or decrease the amount gradually. These objectives are not so hard and are much easier to meet.

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This reasoning is also applicable for fast food products.


Focus on progress

Or in other words: the small steps you take every day are important. The fact that you failed to commit 100% to your diet is not the end of the world. Perfection is hard to achieve and you won’t get there right away. Patience is a virtue!

Tip: learn to appreciate the healthy habits you’ve created for yourself. Be good and gentle with yourself to be able to eat healthy without getting frustrated.

Trick: add as many fruits and vegetables as possible to your diet.


Keep your mind clean

Many times, the feeling of guilt (for not keeping our diets) and stress pushes us to make mistakes and eat unhealthy foods like: fast food, sweets, processed dishes etc. Therefore, it is essential to take care of ourselves mentally, especially when we try to change our lifestyle!

Tip: meditation or yoga are 2 excellent ways to eliminate everyday stress and treat anxiety. Take them into consideration!


How to eat healthy: planning

To get into the rhythm of a healthy lifestyle you need careful organization. The battle is half won if you turn the entire meal ritual into something practical and fun.



Plan your meals for throughout the day in the morning during breakfast or make some time over the weekend for this operation. Go shopping and fill up your fridge with fresh and healthy foods!