To achieve harmony at every meal it’s not all about being with loved ones and eating well. Harmony means eating consciously. Meaning: to give attention to each mouthful, to feel the taste, texture and smell of every food.


Eat slowly and chew completely


You don’t have to hurry when you eat, you have to savor every bite.


The goal? You will feel full faster because you’re focused on the food. Otherwise, the brain won’t register the feeling of satiety and you will continue to eat even though you’re already full. It’s important to chew your food completely; this way your digestive system will have less work do to and you will also prevent bloating.


The advantage: you don’t risk gaining weight because you’re eating too much!


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Sit down!


It may seem obvious, but often we eat on the run and even standing.


Tip: make every meal a true experience to shift your focus on what you eat and to change your eating habits!


In addition: become aware of what you eat and bless your food. You don’t need to have an entire lecture like in the movies, but it’s good to be aware of how lucky you are to enjoy a plentiful meal. The energy of the food you eat is very important!


Recognize the ingredients


It’s a good idea to focus on the present and enjoy your food!


Tip: try this when you eat at a restaurant. Usually, eating out means losing your focus, especially when you are surrounded by people.


Bonus: this technique can help you not only to eat consciously but also to be more creative in your own kitchen, discovering new recipes!


Remove distractions


When you’re at the table, focus only on the food!


Tip: don’t keep your phone or your tablet on the table, turn off the TV, and put the laptop away! Any other sensation that you experience during a meal, besides taste or smell, can aggravate your effort of eating consciously!


Attention: eating in front of the TV or with your laptop in your arms, is synonymous with overeating, because you’re not aware of how much you eat and you cannot tell when you’re full.


Take a break


…between courses, and see how you feel. Maybe you want to drink some water. Figure out why you want to eat more, because you’re still hungry or you’re just craving something.


This analysis can help you be more involved in the food choices you make, and can prevent feeling guilty after overeating.




If you want to watch your figure and eat healthy, balance out your plate by dividing it: half plate of vegetables, a quarter plate of proteins and a quarter plate of whole grain cereals.