7 Tips to Get the Best Results at the Gym

To be victorious at the gym, it is important to know which tips to follow, which are the main culprits of your unchanging look in the mirror and what are the actual expected result after a 3 workouts per week regimen.

Myth: Cardio exercises are the best way to lose weight

Truth: You will look much better if you mix cardio with strength training, weights and resistance training

Solution: Try to do both cardio and strength training exercises, such as squats or lunges or weight lifting. Not just to lose weight but also to tone and create a smooth muscle mass.

Myth: One hour of jogging is more effective than 20 minutes of fitness training

Truth: It doesn’t matter how much your run, but how you run

A short half sprinting interval or a rowing training is more effective than an hour of jogging. High intensity intervals for example 2 – 3 minutes of sprinting, alternated with low intensity exercises, like jogging, give much better results and burn more calories than typical cardio workouts.

These intervals will have a major impact on your metabolism, as they will increase the ability of your muscles to use fat as energy.

Solution: Try to combine 3 minutes of intense training with 2 minutes of rest, and repeat this 5 times. Make sure you warm up your muscles before you start training and don’t forget to stretch at the end.

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