healthy-diet-and-exercise-familyhealth24The latest fashion in the health-conscious world is “clean eating”, a concept that encourages the consumption of healthy and natural, less processed foods. Although the term is relatively new, the principles are old.

These principles are based on scientific nutrition and are similar to the recommendations made by public health organizations. This trend supports a healthy approach to dieting and lifestyle to maximize energy and optimize health, being more than a cure. It’s a flexible lifestyle that can be adapted to any kind of program.

These are the basic principles that Isagenix Australia relies on and bases their products, programs and targeted solutions.

  1. Choose whole, fresh natural foods and try to remove semi prepared foods from your diet

Semi prepared food is anything you can find in a box, bag, container or package, though there are some exceptions to this rule that is already boiled, baked or strongly processed. Isagenix Australia products are cold-processed and carefully formulated to retain all the nutritional values of their ingredients, the ingredients are sourced from the purest parts of the world and go through rigorous testing to maintain purity.

  1. Choose unrefined products instead of refined

Although this isn’t always possible, but nevertheless very essential,  try to eat as many whole grains as possible, such as brown rice, millet, amaranth and quinoa. Vegetables, like beans, peas, lentils are also important. Use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or cane juice.

Isagenix Australia offers a variety of targeted solutions. You can get your 3 to 5 recommended servings of vegetables per day in one, easy convenient scoop of Isagenix Greens, a balanced formula of herbs, vegetables and antioxidants that fortify good health.

  1. Every meal should include some proteins, carbohydrates and good fats

Most of us consume enough carbohydrates and fats, but we lack protein, especially in the first part of the day, at breakfast and lunch. Protein is important for muscle and it can help lower your appetite. If you eat 500 grams of protein during the day, you stay full longer. Avoid trans fats that are harmful to the body. Olive oil is one of the best for salads plus a dash of lemon and quality iodized salt and you have a great dressing.

Isagenix Australia has many varieties of protein to offer that protects the heart. You can choose from Slimcakes which is a berry filled oatmeal cookie or various Bars.A bar of Peanut Chocolate Chew – “Fibresnack” which is delicious and full of goodness for morning or afternoon tea. A bar costs about $2.00 and is full of goodness.

Another great source of protein is IsaPro. IsaPro actually contains grade 7 whey protein, which is more effective than other proteins in burning fat, fuelling muscle growth and jump-start your metabolism.

  1. Split up your meals in five to six small portion per day

This means three main meals and two or three snacks. Don’t skip meals and don’t eat too much. This way you will keep your blood sugar levels in good parameters and you won’t lose any energy.

  1. Avoid calorie filled drinks

Soft drinks are filled with preservatives and sugars are a secret killer, so beware!

Coffee and juice bring on average 400 to 500 calories per day. Choose water, spiked with stamina filled “Want More Energy”, naturally sweetened and vitamin B filled from Isagenix Australia, a healthy natural source of fuel, and switch out your daily dose of coffee with e+shot, a delicious flavorful blend of botanicals that refresh and energize you. Or, improve your concentration and balance out your mood.